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 !!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TO FARM EASY MONEY IN GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TO FARM EASY MONEY IN GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: !!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TO FARM EASY MONEY IN GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   !!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TO FARM EASY MONEY IN GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2013 11:41 pm


================= TIPS ONE (FARMING REPUTATION) ===================

Follow this step to make money in game by farming reputation:

1. Make yourself at least lvl 60 and above, have money 50000 gold to obtain MEDAL OF VALOR at
ARGENT pvp arena 2209,2893(ascaron)

2. Then go to SHAITAN and buy 9 pieces of FAMOUS CAKE (198g each) at MALL NPC

3. Then you must redeem GODDESS'S FAVOR (must have 20k reputations point) for each of it,
you can redeem it at REPUTATION NPC near PET NPC in ARGENT

4. After that buy ticket to CARIBBEAN TOUR TICKET and use it.

5. One you at CARIBBEAN Tour, find Heaven Teleporter(475,1052)ascaron, left below map.

6. Once you find Heaven Teleporter, Click and choose the 'I have obtain Goddess's Favor',

7. When you are in Heaven, go meet Goddess at right map and click the biggest goddess you see,
choose 'I am ready' > 'Lv 60 and above' > 'Exchange Honor for experience'(limit until lvl 99 only) OR
'I wish to dedicate all my Honor to the Goddess'(for lv 120- lv 150)

8. Then you already get 89991 reputation

9. Go to DGPKO 2013 website and log in your id there

10. Once you already log in, click the mall bar at the above bar and choose credit exchange
** 1000 reputation points equal to 1 credit

11. 500 credit = you can get 1million dolar note

Item needed :

1) Medal of Valor

2) Famous Cake = 3000 honor & 9999 reputation points

3) Goddess's Favor

4) Caribbean Tour Ticket (50000g)

================= TIPS TWO (FARM PINE TREE) ======================

1. Get Life skill at least minimum 2/10, You can start find Life Skill by talk to NPC Newbie Guide - Senna
at ARGENT Fountain, choose Secretary Message and then do the quest. Then follow the quest and continue
the quest to add more life skill.

2. Once you get 2 minimum Life Skill, go buy WoodCutting book skill at
Argent Grocery - Jinberry (2231,2730)

3. Then learn it by double click and push ctrl + S to see your skill. make it 2 for minimum. More you add
more fast you chop chop the wood.

4. Then buy your axe to go Woodcutting at any Blacksmith.

5. Now for the place to farm the Pine Tree Wood, i only show one place, other place, find it by yourself.
Go to SHAITAN, at follow this coordinate Magical Ocean (1514,3395).

6. Cut the Pine Tree Wood as much as you can, this is because every stack you get, you can sell it to any
NPC and get 4.3M per Stack, so if you are hardworking person, its gonna be lot of money.
1 Stack = 4.3 Million
10 Stack = 43 Million

=============== TIPS THREE (FARM GEMS or GEMS CHEST) ================

1. You can be any level but think logic, kill monster in:
- BD Lair (Azrael Gems)
- DGPKO Map (Many Gems)
- Myth Network Map (Special Gems)
- Kal Fragment (change to Kal to Sell)
- Farming Lottery (Get many items up your luck include Azrael Chest Lv1-9)

==================== OTHER TIPS (FIND IT BY YOURSELF) ========================

================ SO HAPPY FARMING MONEY EASY AS YOU WANT ===================
=================== DONT BE LAZY AND PLAY WITH NICE ========================

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!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TO FARM EASY MONEY IN GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: Re: !!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TO FARM EASY MONEY IN GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   !!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TO FARM EASY MONEY IN GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Icon_minitimeSun Jan 27, 2013 9:23 pm

How do you exchange credits for 1m dollar notes?
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!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW TO FARM EASY MONEY IN GAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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