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 [GAME] Our Private Server Games Rules

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[GAME] Our Private Server Games Rules Empty
PostSubject: [GAME] Our Private Server Games Rules   [GAME] Our Private Server Games Rules Icon_minitimeWed Jan 20, 2010 5:09 am

Player Kill (ZP/PK)

This is a PVP server. (For the record, PVP means Player Versus Player) There is no rule against zp'ing another player but have some ethics and don't kill a newbie. It's not ethical.

Scams and Hacks

-Avoid hacks and Scams once you've get cought by a GM nor a report is recieved you will be banned.
-Refrain from misusing any flaws find in the game & TRY to play as others. NOBODY like cheaters.
Note: To avoid this certain kind of problems dont let anybody know your passwords or any personal informations about your character.


Dont Spam The Server using Speaker, chat window, PM window or Global.

Dont advertise other server!

- This server is exclusively for Mythnetwork players..

Offensive language
You cannot use any language in our game chats that is offensive to others. This includes swearing, racist and obscene comments.

Your Privacy

Please do not post any information that would compromise your privacy in game or at this forum. This includes but is not limited to, your real name, email address, phone number, where you live or any financial information. Please also respect the privacy of others, do not ask for any inappropriate information and please report anyone that posts their own or other

GM (Game Moderator) Rules And Regulation.

GMs have NO right whatsoever to be involved with other players' matters. ZP,KS and such cases will not and shall not be interfered by GMs. If should there be any case of bullying by the GMs, a report must be lodged with a screenshot regarding it.

GMs are also not permitted to enter Guild Wars / Clan Wars. Regardless of rank/position in the clan.

Should the Rules be broken, a warning and a possible power revoke shall take place in which the GM status will be revoked and the account be deleted.

- Admin -
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[GAME] Our Private Server Games Rules
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