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 The difference between Lag and Performance

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PostSubject: The difference between Lag and Performance   The difference between Lag and Performance Icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 5:11 pm

So .. I saw , the word "lag" is mistunderstood by many.
So i've decided to take off my precious time and explain what's the difference between this "offline lag" and the "online lag" .
All this happens between the client and the server-side .
The client and the server send packets to each other to get the game working.

1.0 Where does "lag" come from ?

Lag is a common word meaning to fail to keep up or to fall behind.In real-time applications, the term is used when the application fails to respond in a timely fashion to inputs. [Source Wikipedia]
That means:
When you're playing a game in real-time , i mean when I was writting this i was writting in real time .. you get it .. A connection supports all .. the packets sent/received are controlled by your internet connection.
When there's something that "disturbs" that so well distributed connection , the game starts to point it out..
That means the game starts to "block" the game starts to ..go on "replay" and the packets are lost .

1.1: What could disturb the internet connection ?

There are lots of factors...
Your kids , if they're playing with the router
The weather, the weather is an important factor..if there's a tsunami outside or raining heavily the connection will be interrupted or terminated .
Why? Because it's connected to a source, when that source is damaged it can no longer provide services.
The provider messes up a little bit and give you all bad connections..
The overheating of the system / router ..
Or the network is too slow to handle so many requests from all its users..
It is caused by the loss of packets..
Maybe the latency is too high ..
Or viruses could cause that as well , as they're all using win32 functions they can "mess" up your connection .

1.2 Why does lag only occurs to me and not to other players?

You have to understand , that the other players are part of another network and are not using the same services like you.
Their internet speed may be higher , their latency must be lower than yours.. many factors.

1.2.1 Why does lag only occurs to me if i have a stronger computer than others?

The same thing as on 1.2 , it doesn't matter...the PC's specs doesn't matter at's all about your connection .
If your connection is worse than others then you can't really do nothing.. , you'll have to get a better connection if you want to have a better playing experience or whatever you use the computer for.

1.3 When will the lag be gone ?

Never, it only takes pauses and then comes back .
Pauses which can be 1-2 days /weeks/months..

Because it's not a pre-determined connection, that means ..anything can happen in time ...
You can get a virus..or you can spil out a cup of water on the modem and so on...

1.4 What can we do to prevent this thing called "lag" ?

Well...there are some tips you can follow to have a better connection..

Before all, nothing will work if the provider is bad..sorry.

Here, more expensive doesn't mean'll just have to see what other say about this provider.
Users' feedback always helps when picking an internet provider.

After you got it, what can you do ? Make sure there will be no dust inside the modem (nor the PC)
Keep them clean and safe...choose a practical but safe place to put the modem to..
Be sure this place is safe and you can't drop things on the modem or spill water on it .
Always clean the jacks , that helps .

Be sure they're well organised and not in a mess (i'm talking about the cables)

If you have kids, tell them you'll wipe out their heads if they do something to it..
No scrissors around the cables when you have kids..that's pure pwnage.

Re:The diference between Lag and Low performnce.

Part 2 of this great "tutorial"

1.5 Drivers.

The drivers, most of the modems don't come with a cd inside, because you don't really need a driver for this, maybe few need ..but not all .
People always said "Where's the driver for the modem ? The internet is not working, i need it" , they were wrong.
What they really needed was the ethernet card driver (Or what ever internet card you have) Most of the PC nowadays come with integrated ones, but you can buy specific ones from the interwebs.
That's what they need to make it work .
Most likely they have realtek internet cards.
Which can easily be obtained from
What if you don't have the name or the type of your internet card?
1. Always remember to look on the box or the PC to see it's name if it's not there then do this:
My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager (Click the Device Manager button) > Use eyes and brain.exe
It should be under the tab "Network adapters " .

Low Performance

1.0 Low Performance and Lag

Most of the time people are confusing the Low performance with the Lag.
Which is totally wrong.
The Low performance is your pc's fault , not the provider's fault

1.1 The Low performance is caused by your slow PC , your outdated drivers , viruses .

1.1.1 Parts of the PC that make you run the game slowly.

What are the parts of the PC that cause this "low performance" ..
Well , in the majority of the cases , the processor is the problem.. why ?
Because if it is an old processor or just a "not good" one it won't process the information that fast as you may want it to process.
The Video Card - The Video Card pretty much "sees" everything , it's the brain of the graphical engine inside there.
The higher Bus Width you have, the better ... The higher memory you have , the better... It just won't slow down the game if it's on the right settings..
The rams, now the rams are randomly allocated memory...they can be used for everything..
Now that just depends.. If the ram memory is only 512 then that's bad..
To run TO perfectly with those 512 rams you need a good processor, a good video card..
Otherwise , just get 1 gb/ 2gb..should be enough for other games too .
The HDD ..
The HDD plays an important role here..if it has a low 20-40-80 Gigs it will not run that well if it's almost full .. (well in fact, none of the HDDS will run something if they're almost full )
So, always try to clean the junk and delete unecessary files..
To do so , do that:
start > run > prefetch
start > run > %temp%
start > run > temp
And delete everything in there, won't harm you don't worry...they're just temporary files or videos downloaded from the web and caches.. most of them come from your programs and the web-browser.

1.1.2 Outdated drivers.

This is a really big problem..if your driver is outdated..or just the video card itself is outdated..
Always try to have the latest driver installed.
The majority use ATI/Nvidia video cards (sure there are others..but let's stick on those two)
ATI is good, alike NVIDIA ..they're both good, it's at your choice..
But NVIDIA has a nice thing PhysX which is a good thing..helps you improve the graphics and give the games a more realistic look .

How do i get the newest drivers for my video card ? (And If I lost it? )

ATI : http://support.amd.c...ages/index.aspx
Nvidia :

What i'd recommend you to buy... make a little effort, try to keep your money and buy this:
a video card that has 1 gigs of ram , DDR5 memory, 256 bit (or more) ..i'd say this is the best choice you can have ..if you can afford a better one, then that's even better Very Happy
The processor, get an i5-i7 , but if you're really poor an i3 is pretty good too .
Rams , I'll personally buy like 4 gigs of DDR3 rams..but 2 gigs are good too if you don't want to multitask a lot.

1.1.3 Viruses.

Now, what are viruses ?
Viruses are ..well viruses , nothing more..they harm , they can do bad things to your computers.
How do i get viruses?
Well , mostly like you get viruses because you download lots of stupid things that seem legit ..
Like hacks, music from untrusted websites, you visit lots of porn sites (yes, they all have malwares..)
You get files from anonymous users...
What can you do to protect yourself?
Well, most of the people say the antivirus is the best me, it actually harms your slows it down a lot, it gives lots of false-positive detections.. The best you can do is to stop downloading stuff from the interwebs (that you really don't trust) ..
But if you really want an anti-virus, malware-bytes does its job so good.
Also avira is good but it is well known as the king of false-positive detections

Part 3.

1.1.3 Viruses - part 2
What does a virus really do ?
Well, you really can't tell what it actually does , because every virus was designed to do specifical things.
For a virus to make random things you'll need artificial inteligence which must be designed for a specifical enviroment the one you see inside games.. mobs and so on.
They can delete files, they can be spywares, keyloggers.. (Google thise for more in-depth details)
Or just simply slow down your PC.
It doesn't have to be designed specifically to slow down the PC, it automatically does this..
Like a spyware..a spyware is collecting data without any break and it's sending it to it's user..that require resources and if your pc is a weak one, it may have some problems

Who made the viruses?

They're made by hackers for bad purposes or just to show off.
Making viruses is profitable in some way, but if it spreads around the world and you get caught're f.. ^_^
They can steal credit cards, login informations , chat lists and so on.. something useful to the hacker.
Hackers can make viruses just to show off their coding skills.

What language is used to write viruses?
Well, pretty much every language, but nowadays most of the viruses are written in python as it's really easy to be used and the codes are child's play and it has so many great functions .. that's why
But C++ and others are used as well .
PS: If you ever meet a programmer and he says he never wrote a virus you should tell him to shut up ^^
Also, PHP can be used to write shells that are used in the website hacking and database hacking.
Like SQL (Used in SQL injections) ..XSS and many others.
There are tools for hacking like metasploitable and even Operating systems for hacking like Back Track..
A hacke with a lot of programming skills that has Back Track with metasploitable, i say is the best ethical hacker ..
Well , programming doesn't really mean making viruses at all ^^ Making viruses is just a wing of programming.

Facts :
Weak PC + Good Connection = Good Gameplay if the settings are the best for the PC
Weak PC + Weak Connection = Fail
Good Connection + Good PC = Harmony ^^
Everything relies on the settings, if you have them on the right side , you'll have no problems.
If your computer is not that good, you should lower the settings to get a better experience..well if your internet connection is good too .

1.2 The Low Performance and the Lag (Offline and online)

What can we say?
The Low performance is an "offline" factor.
While the Lag is an "online" factor..
Sure the lag can be experienced on the offline networks too (like lans ..) but it is caused just by memory leaks (that "replay" feeling i'm talking about..) or because of the overheated components...
With those being said, i hope the light hit you lol and you'll finally realise the low performance is not the same thing as the LAG.

The difference between Lag and Performance 33333qt9yu0
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PostSubject: Re: The difference between Lag and Performance   The difference between Lag and Performance Icon_minitimeMon Oct 10, 2011 6:29 pm

Defragmentation helps too.=)
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PostSubject: Re: The difference between Lag and Performance   The difference between Lag and Performance Icon_minitimeTue Oct 11, 2011 2:01 am

That is a nice guide...... Well explained...
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PostSubject: Re: The difference between Lag and Performance   The difference between Lag and Performance Icon_minitimeTue Oct 11, 2011 4:57 am

yes it is, ty very much Admin!
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PostSubject: Re: The difference between Lag and Performance   The difference between Lag and Performance Icon_minitime

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The difference between Lag and Performance
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