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 Beginner Guide

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PostSubject: Beginner Guide   Beginner Guide Icon_minitimeThu Dec 20, 2012 2:57 pm

Here how to Start the game Very Happy

1.Run the DgPko Launcher,if you have trouble with the patch you can go to downloads a new patch.
2.Create a character,there have 4 type of character you can choose from.
3.After done choosing and put a name on your character,you will need to choose a country you will be start your journey.Here you have to choose ARGENT CITY all the journey will be easy if u start here
4.When you have enter the game you can just go find GM LILY(NPC) you can find it in Argent near Argent Fountion or you can find with this coordinate 2242,2788.
5.Talk to GM LILY(NPC) and choose Newbie Help you will be instant level up to level 48 and receive 1 milion.
6.Then when become Level48 you can go to Job Changer to change your class,The Job Changer Npc ONLY AVAILABLE AT ARGENT CITY, you can find it at 2217,2755.
7.After done the 1st transfer at Job Changer you need to open the yellow chest until it require you to become the 2nd Job Changer *You will get another 1milion when you open the yellow chest Very Happy*
8.Change your class again to be your ideal character,and after you done you can begins your journey to explore Pirate King Online online in DGPKO Smile
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Beginner Guide
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